Effective Method of Controlling Diabetes by Banaba Leaf Extracts

Diabetes has taken over the world enormously. Today there are many drugs and medicines are used to control diabetes which also comes at cost. If you read most of the modern medicine labels used for treating diabetes there is always a warning sign on it that normally includes risk of heart failure. Due to these facts most of people are moving towards getting natural treatments for controlling the diabetes. One of which about which I found is Banaba ( Click on link to find the specific scientific name for it ) leaf extract which has the ability to control diabetes.

This herbal extract which  comes from banaba is powerful method of lowering the blood sugar. This banaba comes from a plant which has the structure of thick waxy leaves and has very bright purple flowers. This plant is normally found in India and Philippines. But you can easily find in stores by name of banaba leaf extracts.

Doctors and experts say that the reason why banaba leaf is helpful in controlling diabetes is due to the fact that.

1. Banaba contains Corosolic acid in it which is very useful in controlling sugar levels. This acid is very effective for those who have high sugar levels or on which there is factor of insulin resistance in body.

One of the easiest and effective way to get corosolic acid from banaba extracts is taking daily dose of 4-12mg. According to studies done on it say that banaba has positive relation with lowering the sugar levels. Too much dosage must be avoided because if taken too much it lower way too much sugar level and can make hypoglycemia.


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