Benefits of Using Turnip

I was thinking of what benefits turnip gives us, because it's a vegetable and most of us don't like to eat vegetable. So after searching I found some very interesting usage and benefits of Turnips. Turnip is that kind which is available every where in world. Turnips vary in colour generally there colour is red, off-white and white with purple layers. It contains rich amount of Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin A,B,C. In Urdu it's called Shaljam, written as شلجم. Here are some great benefits which I have found so far.

1. If your feet skin is torn like when we grow up our skin of feet starts to wear off, so to make feet soft and to make it  back to it's original position. Take some turnips, almost 12 of them will do the work along with their leafs, put them in water to boil them. When you have boiled turnips then when before going to bed soak your feet in that boiled water along with turnips for ten minutes also rub some turnips on the torn part of skin of feet, doing this for 3 days regularly your feet will become soft and skin will be repaired.

2.  If you don't feel hungry then use turnips, turnips increase your hunger. 

3. If you are fat person or obese person then in every meal what ever you eat make sure you also eat one whole turnip, turnip has the ability to make a person slim but for this you have to regularly use it for at least 30 days keep on checking your initial weight to the weight on day 30 you will lose weight. Simple isn't it or another way is that when there is brunch time eat turnip.

4. If you have kidney stone and you want to recover from natural way then eat turnip as salad, turnip has ability to remove the kidney stone. 

5. If you have Internal Piles ( Haemorrhoid ) so when it's season of Turnips eat lot's of turnips as salad. Turnips help to cure Internal piles.

6. When in winter you catch cough a bad cough then eating turnip helps to cure cough very rapidly.

So these are some the major benefits that we can get from this amazing vegetable, hope you will be benefited from this turnip.


  1. its a good imformation i will tell to others thanku:)

  2. These properties can help cure asthma or can curb the symptoms of asthma. Studies have shown that asthmatic children who are given turnips and other fruits and veggies, suffer less wheezing.

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