Do You Walk ?

Now a days we see lot's of overweight and at the same time obese individuals in the car's. By over weight I mean that your weight increases to the extent that it posses a threat to your own health/life. Normally the most common method to check if you are overweight or not you use BMI ( Body Mass Index), a tool to check your weight, calculated by dividing your total weight to your height and the result tells you that weather you are over weight or obese. If the index comes to value of 25 or greater than 25 then you are over weight or if it comes to value of 30 or more then you are obese.

Obesity is one of the most common factor that contributes to cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, joint pains and diabetes. A person normally gets obese when he/she stops moving, his/her most of the work is done by sitting like computer work, desk work etc and for every day of your house hold work is done by driving to stores to stores then yes individual will make higher chances of getting obese or over weight.

In technical terms a person becomes overweight when the amount of input that is energy (food) is more than the amount of output ( In terms of energy usage), so the body starts storing it in the form of fat that's where one starts getting over weight.

According to one research conducted by Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST). They say that activity of Filipino adults is less; they don't move a lot. Like 92% of all Filipino have very low access to physical activities, which involves all kinds of exercises ranging from low intensity to high intensity. Then after that 94% are involved in non-leisure related type physical activity like they do house-chores. So from all this data we come to know that these all adults are very low on physical activity which is major cause of being over weight. 

Now if you want to avoid being over weight you have to move your body along with keeping balanced diet. By moving I don't mean that you start doing more and more of house hold chores but do "walk daily" whether it's in morning or evening, you have to be consistent in walking daily for 30 minutes. This level of activity which you do is enough to say that you are doing hight level of activity daily and this will help you out by making you come from obese to over weight and then to normal weight. According to Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos ( NGF) "Being Active is very tough challenge for Filipinos who are obese and they daily have to walk"
There are different point in this NGF one of other point's that can help you loose weight is “For a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, exercise regularly, do not smoke and avoid drinking alcoholic beverage”. Most of us think that involving your self in physical activity will require some spending of money which is not true, you can go to a park daily and walk for thirty minutes there or along side of the footpath, dancing in the room ( 30 minutes will be very very tough in this case ). 

So in summary to lose weight you need to do some physical activity (high intensity) consistently then it will benefit you other wise it will be waste of time only. 


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