Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gym at home

As a busy working day, can put you in the position of not have too much time to go to the gym. Many wish to use the room as a fitness to carry out simple activities, also to achieve fitness and weight-loss results.The following recipe will not only help you relieve the day's fatigue, unexpected weight-loss long-term effects persist in this method.

1. Clap your Feet

Put a pillow under your abdominal part, support the lower jaw with the help of hands, keep your legs straight, now raise your left leg then bring it down now  at the same time lift your other leg touching both feet on the way . Not only interesting but also help you lose thigh fat. Do it for a few times.

2. Carrying Pillow Exercise

Lie on your bed straight, arms wide open, legs straight. Now pick up the pillow with your legs and keep lifting till you achieve the 90 degree angle, keep this position for about 10 to 15 seconds. This is the best thigh exercise to remove the fat from thigh.

3. Raising heads

lie, hands folded behind your head, legs straight, raise your head by help of your hands to about 20 degrees, for 20 seconds and then slowly down. Repeat several times.

4. Flip back arms

One hand the bending direction by the shoulder, one hand extended to the upper back, hands behind the Flip. Arms alternately. Not only a fun exercise but also helps to lose upper arm fat.

5. Leg Lift

Hold the thigh with both hands up to 90 degrees, this time, toe forced upward, stretching the Achilles tendon. Legs alternately. 

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Five Minutes of Exercise Before Going To Bed

If you are fat or you want to lose weight in a very good way then this is the right topic. The following exercises will help you relax your muscles completely, help you to lose your all day's fatigue and this also can help you to lose weight. 

1. Knee by chest movement exercise

Lying in bed, legs straight, lift right leg, hands clinging to thighs. Pull your knees to the chest until you feel the thigh muscle was stretched. Maintain this action for 5-10 seconds. Then raise your head, the forehead close to the knee. And then to maintain 5-10 seconds, then slowly return to starting position. Switch legs and repeat. 3-5 times each leg.

2. Exercise to lose weight before going to bed II: tuck Sports

Lying in bed, legs straight, lift your legs, hands around the thigh. Maintain this position for 5-10 seconds. Then raise your head, the forehead close to the knees, keeping the same 5-10 seconds, then slowly return to starting position. Repeat 3-5 times.

3. Exercise to lose weight before going to bed III: spinal twist

Lying in bed, knees, feet flat on the bed, arms straight at your sides. Then dumped to the left knee slowly, eyes flat as the right side, try to make yourself feel comfortable, shoulders attached to the bed, keeping upper body relaxed, maintain this action for 5-10 seconds, then slowly return to starting position. Change sides repeated 3-5 times each side to do.

4. Exercise to lose weight before going to bed four: cat-type stretching

Kneeling on the floor, hands and stays. Narrow the gap between the abdominal spine, head down, body arched. Maintain this action, 3 times a deep breath. Then slowly relax. Abdomen and then put to the ground, threw his back, raised his head, staring at the ceiling. Maintain this action, 3 times a deep breath, then return to starting position. Repeat 3-5 times  

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Spring I Love it

Spring is an opportune time to lose weight, many women want to be successful in the summer before the onset of weight loss. Here are few simple methods that can help you put you back in shape in spring season.

1. A simple method of exercise to lose weight, walk around

 If you think running , rope skipping ,swimming and other aerobic exercise too much trouble, then you might want to consider your self for at least walking. Such as the first Rush 3 minutes (80-100 meters per minute) and then stop, turn left across two big, squat, and then right across the two big, squat, for 1 minute. And then use the heel to walk, can enhance the muscles in front of the tibia, walking natural swing arms on both sides. Walking and stretching can also relaxation exercises for 5-10 minutes, as the rest and relaxation.

2. Simple exercise to lose weight; Kite Flying

Doing Kite flying  is also a useful exercise in spring season and has positive effects on the human body it can promote metabolism. As the winter people living in the room, blood stasis, to the outdoor spring kite-flying, high levels of both negative ions to breathe the fresh air, and promote blood circulation. When flying a kite, one will be slow for some time and for other times that individual might be running during kite flying, so that both activities come to the fun and this is a very good body movement.

3. Simple method of exercise to lose weight in spring.

When spring comes, it comes with joy and happiness. In winter your most time is spent indoors, sleeping more, an environment of depression which comes with winter. At this point, an outing to the countryside is the best choice for nourishing the body and mind, using weekends, away from the noise, put themselves in the mountains and rivers, flying mood, release the pressure, so that feelings of stress and anxiety can be released, thereby make people feel happy, in exchange for a relaxed, so slim body always with us.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Seven Simple Exercises To Lose Weight

So the summer is here and you want to lose weight fast ? Because in summer there will be miniskirts, shorts and you are very tense to reduce the weight ? Worry not here are some simple exercises that will help you lose weight. 

1. Weight Loss Massage 

In this method you apply the massage cream to different body parts. Way to draw a circle by hand and gently massage. Massage for 20 minutes a day, and slowly you can see the results. Message also helps circulate the blood flow.

2. Sit-ups To Lose Weight

The slower the better to sit-ups, do 10-20 times a day, morning and evening, can reduce the waistline by 3 cm!
Efficacy: help fat burning, abdominal become tight.Your way to burn more fat.

3. Interactive Weight Loss Squat Jump

The interaction between squat jump exercise every day 30-50, after one month you can feel the gradual reduction of fat in the muscle has become strong. Continued exercise will help burn fat.

4. Jump Rope Weight Loss 

Rope skipping is to be recognized as the most convenient, quickest way lose weight. According to testing, continuous rope for 5 minutes, their effect is equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. Rope jumping is most effective way to lose weight very fast.

5. The Stretching Exercises To Help Weight Loss 

Stretching will get better when the blood circulation, fat accumulation is not easy, but can be corrected slightly bent back. One of most effective Benefits is that it helps the body to be stretched other than losing weight.

6. Walking
Walking 1 hour a day, a quarter of the year by 5 kg. Walking can promote blood circulation, prevent fat accumulation.

7. Dancing
Dance can consume a large amount of heat, so that muscles get exercise, if you are listening to a beautiful music and you are dancing with it you will not be feeling any sense of tiredness, which is very helpful in the long run. Not only do you lose weight but at the same time also you get spiritual and artistic enjoyment.

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Exercise To Create The Perfect Curve

S-curve is the desire of every woman. Here are some of the great tips and exercises for you that can make you like S.

1. Tight Buttocks

Stand firm buttocks, legs open as far as possible to do step, knees, the body centre of gravity, legs spread, toes slightly outward, do hold ball with both hands on his chest, take a deep breath, hold the position for 5 seconds clock back to the starting position. Repeat several times. This is very easy to create a beautiful bottom. 
Lateral: left leg straight to the left, under pressure right leg, stretching the body centre of gravity to the right, like keeping big arm around the ball. Repeated several times and back edges.

2. Slender Legs

standing body as inverted position. Hands on the floor, just on the right leg before the structure was three. Straight right leg left leg while stretching to the ceiling. Then down the left leg back to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times and back legs. Side, legs straight, elbow, hand to prop up the upper body support, the body center of gravity over the right superior gluteal; and then raised his left leg up and then forced down, and back edge to 15-20 times.

3. Landscaping Back

Kneeling, legs together, hands in the back at the intersection, fingers relative, chest abdomen straight, take a deep breath, upper body slightly back, for 5 seconds back. Repeat several times.

4. Flat Belly

Flat, raised his legs bent at right angles. Hands on the back of the neck (body relaxation), while lifting the shoulders to the right, with left elbow to touch the right knee, and then back to supine position, and then turned to the left, with right elbow to touch the left knee, and then directly and quickly around Turn, do not go back to supine position, until the Repeat 10-20 times before returning to the supine position.

5. Slender Arm

Come to position of push ups and let the body slowly off the ground, straight legs, clamping buttocks, toes touch the ground, keep the body straight line, take a deep breath, and slowly lower to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times. For women this is one of the most effective way to make arms slim.

I hope this will help much to women in making them slim and smart.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Benefits of White Radish

White radish which is known in India as Mulli or Mooli. Is a well know vegetable and normally is used as a part of salad. As taste giving part in salad Radish is also known for it's lots of benefits medically. Some of which I found are as follows.

1. If you feel heat in your feet like they are burning and also there are blisters in your mouth, and at this point no medicine is working or you want a natural cure for this. Then radish has this cure for you, the method is that you take a medium size radish, cut it into four pieces in length wise. Then apply salt to it and after that hang these pieces some where open under the sky so that morning dew keeps falling on it, cover the radish with some covering from which air can come but not insects. Eat this radish in morning all four pieces then repeat this procedure in 2 days the burning of feet will be gone plus the blisters too.

2. If you have Hemorrhoid which commonly is known as Internal piles ( which is not actually a disease it's a physical body condition ) then repeat the same above procedure but this time don't apply salt to and when you are going to eat it sprinkle with sugar.

3.  If you have gastric problem and your stomach is not in shape then when you are eating take some radish leafs along with radish and carrot. This will help to stop gastric problem and if you continue this method then in days your stomach shape will be back to normal.

These are some of the great benefits of radish and if I found any thing new to it I will let you know.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Benefits of Using Turnip

I was thinking of what benefits turnip gives us, because it's a vegetable and most of us don't like to eat vegetable. So after searching I found some very interesting usage and benefits of Turnips. Turnip is that kind which is available every where in world. Turnips vary in colour generally there colour is red, off-white and white with purple layers. It contains rich amount of Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin A,B,C. In Urdu it's called Shaljam, written as شلجم. Here are some great benefits which I have found so far.

1. If your feet skin is torn like when we grow up our skin of feet starts to wear off, so to make feet soft and to make it  back to it's original position. Take some turnips, almost 12 of them will do the work along with their leafs, put them in water to boil them. When you have boiled turnips then when before going to bed soak your feet in that boiled water along with turnips for ten minutes also rub some turnips on the torn part of skin of feet, doing this for 3 days regularly your feet will become soft and skin will be repaired.

2.  If you don't feel hungry then use turnips, turnips increase your hunger. 

3. If you are fat person or obese person then in every meal what ever you eat make sure you also eat one whole turnip, turnip has the ability to make a person slim but for this you have to regularly use it for at least 30 days keep on checking your initial weight to the weight on day 30 you will lose weight. Simple isn't it or another way is that when there is brunch time eat turnip.

4. If you have kidney stone and you want to recover from natural way then eat turnip as salad, turnip has ability to remove the kidney stone. 

5. If you have Internal Piles ( Haemorrhoid ) so when it's season of Turnips eat lot's of turnips as salad. Turnips help to cure Internal piles.

6. When in winter you catch cough a bad cough then eating turnip helps to cure cough very rapidly.

So these are some the major benefits that we can get from this amazing vegetable, hope you will be benefited from this turnip.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do You Walk ?

Now a days we see lot's of overweight and at the same time obese individuals in the car's. By over weight I mean that your weight increases to the extent that it posses a threat to your own health/life. Normally the most common method to check if you are overweight or not you use BMI ( Body Mass Index), a tool to check your weight, calculated by dividing your total weight to your height and the result tells you that weather you are over weight or obese. If the index comes to value of 25 or greater than 25 then you are over weight or if it comes to value of 30 or more then you are obese.

Obesity is one of the most common factor that contributes to cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, joint pains and diabetes. A person normally gets obese when he/she stops moving, his/her most of the work is done by sitting like computer work, desk work etc and for every day of your house hold work is done by driving to stores to stores then yes individual will make higher chances of getting obese or over weight.

In technical terms a person becomes overweight when the amount of input that is energy (food) is more than the amount of output ( In terms of energy usage), so the body starts storing it in the form of fat that's where one starts getting over weight.

According to one research conducted by Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST). They say that activity of Filipino adults is less; they don't move a lot. Like 92% of all Filipino have very low access to physical activities, which involves all kinds of exercises ranging from low intensity to high intensity. Then after that 94% are involved in non-leisure related type physical activity like they do house-chores. So from all this data we come to know that these all adults are very low on physical activity which is major cause of being over weight. 

Now if you want to avoid being over weight you have to move your body along with keeping balanced diet. By moving I don't mean that you start doing more and more of house hold chores but do "walk daily" whether it's in morning or evening, you have to be consistent in walking daily for 30 minutes. This level of activity which you do is enough to say that you are doing hight level of activity daily and this will help you out by making you come from obese to over weight and then to normal weight. According to Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos ( NGF) "Being Active is very tough challenge for Filipinos who are obese and they daily have to walk"
There are different point in this NGF one of other point's that can help you loose weight is “For a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, exercise regularly, do not smoke and avoid drinking alcoholic beverage”. Most of us think that involving your self in physical activity will require some spending of money which is not true, you can go to a park daily and walk for thirty minutes there or along side of the footpath, dancing in the room ( 30 minutes will be very very tough in this case ). 

So in summary to lose weight you need to do some physical activity (high intensity) consistently then it will benefit you other wise it will be waste of time only. 
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