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Apricot Benefits

Apricot is a very delicious fruit. When it is not fully ripe the apricot is bitter in taste but when it start to ripe the taste become sweeter. Being nutritious apricot is famous all over the world. The shape of apricot fruit is circle or oval in shape. Apricot resembles with Peach in shape but is smaller in size. It's color is yellowish and when it's ripened it tastes like peach. Apricot whether it's dry or fresh is used in both forms. It's said that the country of origin of apricot is China. In China apricot is being tree planted for four thousand years. Also it's tree planted in subcontinent for a long time. Valley of Hunza which is in Pakistan, those people are famous for their physical strength and for longevity, and for last fifteen hundred years they have been using apricot in their diets. Apricot was used in medicine in ancient Greece and on the other hand Romans they linked apricot to Goddess of love. Apricot came to Europe in the times of Alexander The Great.

Chemical Composition 

Apricot is rich in Vitamin A and vitamin C, in 155 gram of servings it contains 60% vitamin A and 26% vitamin C, 2% Calcium and 3% Iron. The almond found in apricot contains 40 to 45% oil.

Benefits from Health and Medical point of view

For centuries apricot fruit it's pulp and flower has been used in medicine. In China one famous medicine was prepared from the pulp of it's tree and was famous for longevity. For a long time apricots flower has been used in beauty products of women. The oil found in the tree of apricot resembles with the oil of almond. It's used as anti-convellent, to heal wounds, to kill the germs of stomach.


Apricot is very helpful in constipation. This is due to the presense of pectin and type of cell membrane in it. This cell membrane doesn't digests so it makes the intestine to work more and pectin absorbs water and becomes part of this indigestible cell membrane and makes dejection easy. If you have constipation for a long time and is not recovering than taking 6-8 pieces of apricot daily has great benefit.


If you have indigestion or acidity in stomach then taking a piece before any meal helps to reduce acidity.

Blood deficiency 

If you have less blood or deficiency of blood in body then because apricot contains Iron in it so taking it helps in blood deficiency. If you take apricot daily after every meal then hemoglobin starts to increase.

Skin Diseases 

Using the juice of leaves of apricot is helpful in lots of skin diseases. Using this juice it cures itching, skin burn in sun and torn skin due to winter.

I hope this article will give you more insight about apricot, happy eating.


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