Chili; the Power Capsule

When I was young. One night I heard crying, the cry was coming from neighbors house, there child was crying because a dog had bitten him. And at that time where I lived there was no nearby hospital, they brought the child to our house. Our grandmother took a muslin cloth, and cleaned the boy's leg with it. The she took some chilies and grinds them and adds mustard oil in it, after that she applies this to boy's leg and applied bandage. This was home remedy and it's still in my mind after all these years and I also came to know the power of chili.

There are lots of benefits of using chili. If you have flu then eating chili immediately opens closed nose, flu. The smaller the size the more its chili and very spicy. Some here (India) also call it "Tati" chili, because if you eat it, you feel your mouth is on fire its very hot. The spiciness of chili is because of seeds found in it. Chili contains phosphorus, iron, protein, vitamin B, vitamin A and it's rich in vitamin C. In chili there is Capsacin material in it. This material removes the pain. If you have pain in knee, joints then chilies are very effective. Also this Capsacin keeps blood diluted/thin. So in this way blood clots are not created. Chili is very effective for heart patients and it reduces the occurrence of heart attack.

It's good for eyes. In winter it's effective for cough. It helps in digestion and increases hunger. The actual home where it came from is in America. There are more than 90 types of chilies. People of Middle East, east, South American's, and Chinese eat chilies with delight. By eating it, level of Cholesterol remains balance. 

People with high blood pressure should not eat it, because it increases the blood pressure. One of the most amazing things that a chili can do is that it can cure if. In New Delhi, India there is hospital in which Tuberculosis patients are cured with chilies. In this method half table spoon was given to patients every day for four weeks and after four weeks there Tuberculosis was gone, I was amazed reading this. I hope this article has provided more information about chilies, happy eating.


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