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Winter Melon

Most of the people don't know what Winter Melon is and what health benefits it can give us. GOD has created specific foods for every season, knowing what a food item can do for us brings greater health benefits.

There are different names for Winter Melon like it's also called White gourd, fuzzy melon. When the Winter Melon has not reach to it's full maturity, it's taste is very sweet but when it hits maturity it's really not that sweet though it's melon but tastes different. It was first cultivated in Southeast Asia but after words it's now grown more in East and South.

So what Health Benefits it can give it to us ?

If we have 1 full cup of Winter Melon in it

Winter Melon is rich in Vitamin C which is round to 30% and Zinc which is close to 7% these two vitamin actually help us fight cold or flu. It contains Calcium, Iron, Copper but there percentage is very less almost 2% if you have 1 full cup of it.

Some Useful Facts of Winter Melon

  1. If you are tired and feeling pain in different body parts taking Winter Melon will cure this pain.
  2. If you want to increase your weight by vegetable than include Winter Melon in your diet.
  3. If you have Urine Problems like Urine comes out in pain then Eating Hand full of seeds of Winter Melon reliefs the pain.
  4. If you are woman and you are weak, eating Winter Melon will actually helps you gain weight.
  5. If you are pregnant and you want that your child be very beautiful then take jam of Winter Melon.
  6. If you are weak mentally, that is you can't concentrate on work or during study etc then take Winter Melon.
  7. If your lips are torn in winter then grind the seeds and apply to your lips when going to bed, torn lips will heal. 


  1. Hello, what is winter jam may I ask?

    1. Jam is like preserve made from fruit like apple jam, mix fruit jam, etc. Similarly there is winter melon jam. You can easily get one from super market or if they don't have it, you can prepare one as there are number of websites which can guide you on how to make winter melon jam.

  2. Thank you Fahd. I am trying to get rid of my brown spots on the face by eating winter melons but they are hard a bit of a chore to peel and cut so when I read about winter jam, it made me wonder how it's made and is it as fresh as the actual melon or are there preservatives in it...Do you have any recommendations on what foods are good to eat in addition to winter melons, on getting rid of melasma on the face? Thanks again !

    1. You can easily make winter melon jam at home. There are numerous websites which can guide you and home made winter melon jams are usually free from preservatives.

      To get rid of melasma, I need to search on it thoroughly; after that I can tell you. I will let you know as soon as I get information from authentic source and I am thankful to you that you like my posts :).

  3. thank for your explaning about health of wintermelon.because, I have got many factors that is advantagerous for my subject. and I improve health knowledge .


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