Five Most Important Back Pain Facts

A lot of people have lot's of myths about back pain  (of not having back pain ). One of the fact is that 8 out of 10 people do get back pain whether it's very mild pain or like feeling of stab in the back.

Fact No. 1

A lot of people think that if they sit straight in chair they will not get back pain, well for how long can you sit straight ? Even if you sit straight it will hurt your back. Now to prevent this every day when you sit do the following. Try to lean back in chair keeping your feet on floor and give a slight curve in back. One of the most effective work to prevent back pain you should listen phone calls standing and when you study office material try to study them standing.

Fact No. 2

People believe that if you lift heavy weight you get back pain, they are right only when the it becomes how you lift it ? How much you lift doesn't matters ( of course if you lift way too much ) it's how you lift it, the method of lifting if important.

The method is you come close to object keep your back straight and head should be up not bent. Now you stand, lift the object/load by using your legs. Don't bent now when you are lifting, if you bent there is great chance of hurting your back. You can understand this by example, if you are sitting on chair and pencil drops you keep your feet on floor and bent your body to get the pencil, if this is your situation while lifting then don't do this.

Fact No. 3

People believe that if they get back pain and if they take bed rest it will heal, yes it heals but if you stay a day or two in the bed it will make it worse.

Fact No. 4

If you have maintained your self fit, then you can prevent back pain. If you are not in shape and if you do job where you have to sit all day and when weekend comes you go outside doing parties at that time chances of back pain increases because your body is not used to it.

Fact No. 5

If you have back pain and it's not going even after taking medicine than according to "American College of Physicians (ACS) and APS(American Pain Society)" then you should consider acupuncture treatment, yoga, relaxing exercises as these exercises help reduce the pain.


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