Weight Control and smoking

Weight Control and Smoking

Those who are thinking to quit smoking or have already done quitting. I can tell you that this is one of the best decisions you have taken to improve your life and your health. But at this point most of us who have quit smoking will be concerned about weight gain. First things first focus all your attention to quit smoking if this goal is achieved then you can focus on your second objective that is improving your health.

Risks of smoking

If you smoke, smoking substantially increases the likelihood of getting lung cancer, which is a one of the most leading causes of cancer death in United States of America. Different types of cancers like kidney cancer, pancreas, larynx and cervix are related to smoking. Smoking at the same time increases the chances of getting lung disease, heart disease. If you look at the women especially those were pregnant, if they are smokers it can lead to premature birth, if the baby is born there is a chance of low weight babies, and other types of delivery complications.

Now the most important question; Weight and Stop smoking

When you are going to quit smoking or you have started to implement the goals of quit smoking. One of the questions that you will be concerned of is that will I gain weight if I stop smoking? The answer is that those who actually quit smoking their weight gain is somewhere between 6 to 8 pounds. Only a small percentage that is 10% gains huge amount of weight which is actually 30 pounds or more than that.

If you know the causes that what causes gain weight after quit smoking then you can maintain your current weight. These main causes are given below.

Feel of hunger

When a person quits smoking that person may feel hungrier and makes him eat more, this feeling goes away only after several weeks. They are some people who start eating high-fat, snacks which are high in sugar; drink more alcohol when they quit smoking.


Now here is the point where it will make you consider that why you don't gain weight when you are smoking. Every time when you smoke, smoking has this capability that it makes your body to burn more calories at a higher rate, but this can be harmful to your heart. So when you quit smoking this affect goes away so instead burning more calories you burn calories at a lower rate.

Can you avoid?

Now you know the causes which increase the weight. Now you ask yourself that can you avoid weight gain after quit smoking?

The answer is don't worry too much about it, you conquered the first part that is quit smoking the second part is quite easy.

Positive attitude

If after quitting you start gaining weight don't be sad about it, but be proud of yourself that you are actually improving the health. There are lots of ways in which quit smoking can make you feel better about yourself.

1. You will feel increased energy.
2. Your teeth will become whiter.
3. Your breath will become fresher, fresher smelling of clothes and hair.
4. You will be looking healthier, wrinkles would be fewer.
5. Voice will be clear.


This is the key point to maintain your body weight. If you do physical exercise daily it can help you to avoid weight gains and at the same time it will increase your mood, make you feel more energetic. Every day your goal must be that you should be doing 30 minutes of moderate physical activity.

Some ideas for remaining active

  1.  When you are in office, when lunch break comes at that point try to walk around and stretch yourself. Do a walk after the dinner.
  2. Do yoga, the best is to sign up for a class of yoga or are dancing class. To motivate yourself it's best to ask a friend to join you.
  3. If you come on a bus, get off the bus when it's close to your home so that you walk to your home.
  4. When you go to the stores, theatre, home do make sure that your car is parked at a distance.
  5. When you are in office going from floor to another floor use stairs, try to avoid the use of elevator.

Alcohol and use of snacks

When you quit smoking, you will always try to find a substitute for that habit. Mostly people start drinking more than before and eat high sugar snacks which are the main cause of increasing body weight. Here are some ideas that can make you eat healthier, make better choices at beverages.

1. When the meal time comes to eye to eat enough, but don't overeat.
2. When you eat, eat slowly chew it well.
3. Choose snacks like fresh fruit, canned fruit, popcorn, yogurt which is a fat-free in between meals.
4. In place of beverages especially alcohol, take herbal tea, sparkling water.

Use medication

When you quit smoking you normally take medications. Some people gain less weight when the use medication. There are different types of patches, inhalers, gum are available which help you to quit smoking. One of the most famous is Nicorette gum.

These are some points that can help you to quit smoking and at the same time help you maintain a balance weight.


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