Onion A Miracle in Healing

Fact No. 1 of Onion

There are lots of benefits of using onion. Here we will tell you best usage of onion in healing different diseases. When I was little I saw lots of scenario which I couldn't understand. Today I am remembering such type of scenes where I found the benefits of onion. There was a seller who came to our town to sell things, he told us many stories which we liked very much. He always had a turban on his head one day he showed us that he kept onion leaves in the cap, he told us that by putting leaves in the turban helps prevent sun stroke, but when I grew up I did it my self and I found that it really works. So if you are in summer or in a very hot place you can put leaves of onion in the cap, that will protect you from the sunstroke and heat.

Fact No. 2 of Onion Helping in Persistent Flu

Once a patient came to doctor, he had persistent flu from which he was unable to recover the doctor told him to cut 1 kg onion with hands daily for thirty days. He did it just told by the doctor for full thirty days and at 31 day his persistent flu was gone, onion being dry in nature brought all the extra fluid from eyes and nose. If any one of you have persistent flu and can't get it recovered by medicine then please try this method once.

Fact No. 3 of Onion Helping in mouth diseases.

According to research done by Russian scientist onion works as antibiotic medicine. According to this research if a person chews 1 piece of onion daily then he is protected by teeth diseases. Russian doctor B.P.Tohiken who claimed that by chewing an onion for a about three minutes kills all bacteria in mouth. If you have tooth pain then putting one small piece of onion on the tooth help relief the pain.

Fact No. 4 of Onion preventing headaches

If you are getting headaches then applying crushed onion under feet and on knee helps to end the headaches.

Fact No. 5 of Onion preventing baldness

If you are bald or any one wants hair on head, then take the juice of onion mix it with honey and apply to head for some time ( for a month ) hair will start to grow.

Similarly if your beard hair or any part of hair starts falling then apply the same solution but before applying the  particular area rub that area so that it become quiet red then apply it.

Fact No. 6 Preventing blood

If blood comes from nose as with many children then smelling a piece of onion helps prevent the blood coming from nose.

Fact No. 7 Miracle in Heart Diseases

According to seven long year research done by Dr. N. Radha who is principal Tar-Bondom Medical College if some one has irregular blood pressure ( fluctuating blood pressure ) then taking 100 gm of onion daily help to regulate the blood pressure. Onion also helps to prevent building up of blood clots in Heart Diseases and also it lessens cholesterol.

Note: (My English is not that good but I hope it will help you understand )


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