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Meet Bronchitis

Bronchitis is that disease that occurs when the windpipe, small bronchi becomes inflamed and this badly effects the air passage of individual. The thin mucus becomes swollen and irritated. There is reflex and that is coughing it occurs to remove the secretions from the lungs. This coughing that occurs due to Bronchitis is very severe and the person who gets this type of cough has to seek medical treatment.

The Signs

There are different signs of Bronchitis.

1. Cough is the main symptom that may occur along with mucus ( may be without mucus for few days )
2. Feel of burn in the chest.
3. Tiredness.
4. Feeling of Pain (Headache) in head but mild one's.
5. Fever but of low grade normally less than 38 C and 102 F.
6. Very sore throat.

Bronchitis normally occur in the winter season, where there is more moisture in the air, cold and flu season. One of the other reasons that can cause bronchitis is when person inhales fumes or dust more often. Those who are smokers there is a chance of getting irritation in throat and that can lead to bronchitis.

There are lots of people who ask is bronchitis is contagious ? well, it depends if bronchitis occurs due to smoking than it's not contagious, if on the other hand bronchitis is caused by bacteria or due to viral infection than yes it is contagious, so it depends on the situation.

Prevention of Bronchitis 

First of all if you are getting irritation due to smoking than stop smoking immediately. If you are in the company of smokers and yet you do not smoke even than there is chance of getting bronchitis. If you move through heavy traffic where there is lots of smoke in air then avoid that path.

Synonyms of bronchitis

Here are some of the most common words to describe the bronchitis. Airway inflammation, smoke inhalation, exposure to cold air, chest tightness, upper respiratory infection etc.


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