Lemon Benefits

There are lots of benefits of lemon, the color of lemon is yellowish and it's bitter in taste. From nutritional point of view it contains lots of benefits which are given below.

1. If we included lemon in our daily diet, it helps in digestion and provides strength to liver.

2. For those who have obesity, to reduce the fat in body, there is a method that is really effective. When you get up in the morning take a glass of water and squeeze one lemon in the water and drink it daily, this method is so easy to apply and it is really effective in reducing the body fat.

3. There are lots of women which have dark complexion  on hands and feet and face is white. By rubbing lemon on hand and feet it reduces the dark complexion.

4. Every day before going to bed, applying a good cold cream along with some drops of lemon helps make skin tone lighter. 

5. Lots of people complain of having bad breath, putting two lemons in a glass of water and gurgling two times in a day helps cure the bad breath.

6. If you have dark marks on face then before going to bed put some drops of lemon in milk and apply it before sleeping daily it helps to cure the dark spots on face.

7. Lots of women have dark color on their neck to cure it put some lemon in rose water and apply it daily the dark color of neck will be gone.

8. If you have flu, then taking a piece of lemon and smelling it reduces the flu dramatically.

9. If you are vomiting and there is no medicine near by then taking some drops of lemon controls the vomit. 

I hope this article on lemon will help you a lot :).


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