Monday, January 31, 2011


What is AIDS ?

AIDS or HIV AIDS is a medical term that means acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It means that a person who has aids his immune system has become so weak that it cannot fight the infections.

When it was identified?

AIDS or HIV AIDS was identified in 1980, since from that time almost 33.3 million people globally have been affected by AIDS or HIV AIDS.

Causes of AIDS

Basically the AIDS disease is caused by a virus known as HIV. So virus name is HIV. This virus attacks the immune system of the body and damages them so as a result the body becomes weak and more vulnerable to infections. So actually a person may have AIDS but it may take him years to bring him to the point where HIV is able to produce enough damage to the immune system.

AIDS Treatment

For AIDS treatment, Anti-retroviral treatment is used which actually increases the time period of the AIDS/HIV AIDS infection. So actually according to modern science there is no cure for AIDS/HIV AIDS.


Many people ask whether there is a cure for AIDS/HIV AIDS. This is the point where things become more interesting. According to my search yes there is a cure for AIDS/HIV AIDS. According to Prophet Muhammad ( If you don't know about him you can find more about him in the book known as "The 100" written by Michael Heart ). Said that “Let fall these black seeds upon you, these contain cure for all diseases except death.”

Black seeds actually can cure every disease including HIV AIDS. Black seeds undoubtedly have a stabilizing effect on the immune system of body. As you know that every disease from which a person gets infected is due to the fact that his/her immune system is weak against that particular disease.

What is Black Seeds?

You might be wondering that what black seed is. Black seeds have a scientific name known as Nigella Sativa. A lot of people don't know about black seeds, and they normally confuse this word with “onion Black Seeds". Here are different names of Black Seeds so that you can find them easily.

1. Black cumin.
2. Nutmeg Flower.
3. Black Caraway.
4. Habba Sowda.
5. Fennel Flower.
6. Nigella Sativa.

Modern research

There are more than 200 universities which conducted scientific research on black seeds since from 1959. According to the research done by Germany scientists they have confirmed the antibacterial, antimycotic effects of black seeds. According to the US researchers they also have confirmed the benefits of Black seeds and they have written the first report on anti-tumor affects of black seeds. The title of that report is "STUDY OF EFFECTS OF NIGELLA (BLACK SEEDS) ON HUMANS."

You might be wondering that if black seed contains the cure for AIDS the why the scientists have not yet confirmed that everyone should use black seeds? The answer lies in the composition of Black seeds, black seed is a very complex substance which contains more than 100 compounds and these compounds have not yet been identified by the scientists. You know we live in the 21st-century and everything which we use a proof is needed by us ( yes by us ) we no longer take anything which has no proof, and when it's proven we start taking it, even if that particular item has been used long before the research.

Here is chemical composition of black seed. 1.5% of volatile oil, 37% non volatile oil. There is Albumen, sugar, Glucoside Melanthin Metarbin.

How much quantity should be used?

In curing AIDS/ HIV AIDS at-least 7 seeds should be taken daily, since it is herbal so it will affect after 3 months or so but will do the effect. If you have AIDS/HIV AIDS and you are on medicine which prolong the effect of virus, my advice to you is that why not try this black seed ? There is no loss in using it ! Why not give it a try ? You have nothing to lose.

Is Black Seed an Ayureda Medicine ?

We consider it as a Prophetic medicine since it was told by our Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be Upon Him) over almost 1400 years ago. According to Ayureda medicine theory bitter components found in the black seed it helps in lowering the fever, cleans and dries excretion out effectively. It is helpful in skin irritations. It stimulates the appetite, makes the digestive system better.

Are there are any side effects?

Are there any side effects of using this black seed? The answer is black seed comes from herb so it means it can be used by anyone. One thing a person should consider is the quantity or amount of dosage as we know that even if we take any medicine in large dosage it will not benefit us rather would-be harmful. So 7 seeds every day crushed taken with water is enough. Don't take more than that this quantity is very less as the seeds are by itself very small/tiny.

Oil or Seeds?

When you will go on the market to get black seeds, you will see that there will be oil of black seeds and actual black seeds in the market, my advice to you is that use black seed as a whole, because if you use oil you know it's an extraction which represents only one part of the whole definitely other compounds found in the black seeds will be left so use black seeds as a whole so that you can benefit from all compounds.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weight Control and smoking

Weight Control and Smoking

Those who are thinking to quit smoking or have already done quitting. I can tell you that this is one of the best decisions you have taken to improve your life and your health. But at this point most of us who have quit smoking will be concerned about weight gain. First things first focus all your attention to quit smoking if this goal is achieved then you can focus on your second objective that is improving your health.

Risks of smoking

If you smoke, smoking substantially increases the likelihood of getting lung cancer, which is a one of the most leading causes of cancer death in United States of America. Different types of cancers like kidney cancer, pancreas, larynx and cervix are related to smoking. Smoking at the same time increases the chances of getting lung disease, heart disease. If you look at the women especially those were pregnant, if they are smokers it can lead to premature birth, if the baby is born there is a chance of low weight babies, and other types of delivery complications.

Now the most important question; Weight and Stop smoking

When you are going to quit smoking or you have started to implement the goals of quit smoking. One of the questions that you will be concerned of is that will I gain weight if I stop smoking? The answer is that those who actually quit smoking their weight gain is somewhere between 6 to 8 pounds. Only a small percentage that is 10% gains huge amount of weight which is actually 30 pounds or more than that.

If you know the causes that what causes gain weight after quit smoking then you can maintain your current weight. These main causes are given below.

Feel of hunger

When a person quits smoking that person may feel hungrier and makes him eat more, this feeling goes away only after several weeks. They are some people who start eating high-fat, snacks which are high in sugar; drink more alcohol when they quit smoking.


Now here is the point where it will make you consider that why you don't gain weight when you are smoking. Every time when you smoke, smoking has this capability that it makes your body to burn more calories at a higher rate, but this can be harmful to your heart. So when you quit smoking this affect goes away so instead burning more calories you burn calories at a lower rate.

Can you avoid?

Now you know the causes which increase the weight. Now you ask yourself that can you avoid weight gain after quit smoking?

The answer is don't worry too much about it, you conquered the first part that is quit smoking the second part is quite easy.

Positive attitude

If after quitting you start gaining weight don't be sad about it, but be proud of yourself that you are actually improving the health. There are lots of ways in which quit smoking can make you feel better about yourself.

1. You will feel increased energy.
2. Your teeth will become whiter.
3. Your breath will become fresher, fresher smelling of clothes and hair.
4. You will be looking healthier, wrinkles would be fewer.
5. Voice will be clear.


This is the key point to maintain your body weight. If you do physical exercise daily it can help you to avoid weight gains and at the same time it will increase your mood, make you feel more energetic. Every day your goal must be that you should be doing 30 minutes of moderate physical activity.

Some ideas for remaining active

  1.  When you are in office, when lunch break comes at that point try to walk around and stretch yourself. Do a walk after the dinner.
  2. Do yoga, the best is to sign up for a class of yoga or are dancing class. To motivate yourself it's best to ask a friend to join you.
  3. If you come on a bus, get off the bus when it's close to your home so that you walk to your home.
  4. When you go to the stores, theatre, home do make sure that your car is parked at a distance.
  5. When you are in office going from floor to another floor use stairs, try to avoid the use of elevator.

Alcohol and use of snacks

When you quit smoking, you will always try to find a substitute for that habit. Mostly people start drinking more than before and eat high sugar snacks which are the main cause of increasing body weight. Here are some ideas that can make you eat healthier, make better choices at beverages.

1. When the meal time comes to eye to eat enough, but don't overeat.
2. When you eat, eat slowly chew it well.
3. Choose snacks like fresh fruit, canned fruit, popcorn, yogurt which is a fat-free in between meals.
4. In place of beverages especially alcohol, take herbal tea, sparkling water.

Use medication

When you quit smoking you normally take medications. Some people gain less weight when the use medication. There are different types of patches, inhalers, gum are available which help you to quit smoking. One of the most famous is Nicorette gum.

These are some points that can help you to quit smoking and at the same time help you maintain a balance weight.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Honey and it's benefits

According to Quran about honey

In the Quran, Surat Nahl (Honey Bees) Allah says and the Lord taught that the to build its cells in the hills, on trees, and in men's habitations; 69 then to eat of all the produce of the Earth, and find with skill the spacious parts of its Lord: there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors, where in healing for men: verily in this is a sign for those who give thought.

According to bible

Bible also gives description of honey as "And when the people were come into the woods, behold, the honey dropped." (Samuel 14: 26.).
"He would feed them . . . with honey out of the rock." In the songs of Moses there is an allusion, "he shall not see the rivers, the flowing streams of honey and butter." (Job 20: 17.) Prophet Isaiah (eighth century B.C.) mentions honey and butter: "... for butter and honey shall everyone eat that is left in the midst of the land." (Isa. 7: 21.)

A Precious Gift to Mankind

Honey is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. There are lots of benefits and nutrition for the mankind. Honey is a food which is very sweet made by honeybees by collecting nectar from flowers. Honey is composed of monosaccharide's, glucose and sucrose the quantity of sucrose is very high. Glucose is found in the living creatures, veggie tables and fruits. Sucrose is gluy material which is in less quantity but its presence makes digestion easy. According to Bo-Ali Seena one kind of honey is like of tiny drops which fall fruit and other materials. One special type of honeybee collects that special nectar for food. Honey collected from fruit and plants is also different in nature. Also the honeybee has an effect on the Honey the kind actually. One of the best qualities of honey is that which is dark red, transparent thick and it's very sweet, and if you pick that honey with two fingers then it does not drop like water. This type of honey is used for medicine. A second kind of honey is known as white Honey and it is considered as best for the eating.

The Power to Preserve

One of the best qualities of honey is that if you put a dead body and it does not decompose infinitely. Similarly if you put meat in it or fruits which are not seasonal they don't decompose at all. This was known by Egyptians and they used honey to preserve the dead bodies of mummies.

Original Honey Identification

Nowadays to find original honey is not so easy. According to my knowledge there are only two indications that can tell whether the honey is original or not. First take a small piece of salt and try to dissolve it in the honey, if the honey is original the salt will not dissolve in. Second, one of the best indications if you give the honey to diabetes person their sugar level won't get high.

Once a person came to Muhammad (S.A.W) and said that his brother has constipation Prophet said to him give him honey. That person went away and next day he again came and said that honey did not have an effect on him. Prophet again said; give him honey and this process continued for another 3 to 4 times, and then Prophet said to that person God is truthful and your brother's stomach is lying. According to Hazart Abdullah a great Sahaba (The one who has seen Prophet) said that honey is effective for physical and spiritual strength. So people hold the rope of Quran and Honey.

Hazart Abduallh cured people by using Honey. In the era of Alexander the great people knew only honey as a sweet. Honey gives strength to heart and brain and lever. Also it increases the strength of a man. If it is used with milk it is very effective. It cleans the blood and helps in making more blood. It makes your eyesight better. It cleans the wounds.

There are lots of other benefits of using honey if you are tired than take one glass of hot water put two spoons of honey in it and drink it you will feel very better.

Curing Paralysis

If anyone gets paralysis than take original honey ginger water, onion water. All should be 250 ml put it in the bottle. The bottles one fourth part should be empty. Keep it for three days and after that take two spoons every morning and increase the quantity with the passage of time. By the will of God paralysis will be cured.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Meet Bronchitis

Bronchitis is that disease that occurs when the windpipe, small bronchi becomes inflamed and this badly effects the air passage of individual. The thin mucus becomes swollen and irritated. There is reflex and that is coughing it occurs to remove the secretions from the lungs. This coughing that occurs due to Bronchitis is very severe and the person who gets this type of cough has to seek medical treatment.

The Signs

There are different signs of Bronchitis.

1. Cough is the main symptom that may occur along with mucus ( may be without mucus for few days )
2. Feel of burn in the chest.
3. Tiredness.
4. Feeling of Pain (Headache) in head but mild one's.
5. Fever but of low grade normally less than 38 C and 102 F.
6. Very sore throat.

Bronchitis normally occur in the winter season, where there is more moisture in the air, cold and flu season. One of the other reasons that can cause bronchitis is when person inhales fumes or dust more often. Those who are smokers there is a chance of getting irritation in throat and that can lead to bronchitis.

There are lots of people who ask is bronchitis is contagious ? well, it depends if bronchitis occurs due to smoking than it's not contagious, if on the other hand bronchitis is caused by bacteria or due to viral infection than yes it is contagious, so it depends on the situation.

Prevention of Bronchitis 

First of all if you are getting irritation due to smoking than stop smoking immediately. If you are in the company of smokers and yet you do not smoke even than there is chance of getting bronchitis. If you move through heavy traffic where there is lots of smoke in air then avoid that path.

Synonyms of bronchitis

Here are some of the most common words to describe the bronchitis. Airway inflammation, smoke inhalation, exposure to cold air, chest tightness, upper respiratory infection etc.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chili; the Power Capsule

When I was young. One night I heard crying, the cry was coming from neighbors house, there child was crying because a dog had bitten him. And at that time where I lived there was no nearby hospital, they brought the child to our house. Our grandmother took a muslin cloth, and cleaned the boy's leg with it. The she took some chilies and grinds them and adds mustard oil in it, after that she applies this to boy's leg and applied bandage. This was home remedy and it's still in my mind after all these years and I also came to know the power of chili.

There are lots of benefits of using chili. If you have flu then eating chili immediately opens closed nose, flu. The smaller the size the more its chili and very spicy. Some here (India) also call it "Tati" chili, because if you eat it, you feel your mouth is on fire its very hot. The spiciness of chili is because of seeds found in it. Chili contains phosphorus, iron, protein, vitamin B, vitamin A and it's rich in vitamin C. In chili there is Capsacin material in it. This material removes the pain. If you have pain in knee, joints then chilies are very effective. Also this Capsacin keeps blood diluted/thin. So in this way blood clots are not created. Chili is very effective for heart patients and it reduces the occurrence of heart attack.

It's good for eyes. In winter it's effective for cough. It helps in digestion and increases hunger. The actual home where it came from is in America. There are more than 90 types of chilies. People of Middle East, east, South American's, and Chinese eat chilies with delight. By eating it, level of Cholesterol remains balance. 

People with high blood pressure should not eat it, because it increases the blood pressure. One of the most amazing things that a chili can do is that it can cure if. In New Delhi, India there is hospital in which Tuberculosis patients are cured with chilies. In this method half table spoon was given to patients every day for four weeks and after four weeks there Tuberculosis was gone, I was amazed reading this. I hope this article has provided more information about chilies, happy eating.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diet Coke

After coming to know that a normal drink contains 9-10 spoons of sugar, the usage of diet coke is becoming normal, but according to research done by Texas University those who drink diet coke they do become fat but they take longer period then the ones who take normal coke. The researchers took 1550 male and female, and found that taking two or more than two diet drinks daily for eight years the candidates weight increased by 57%, on the other hand who drank normal coke their weight increased by 47 %.
According to researchers those who drink diet cokes they believe that they are taking less calories so they eat more than normal, so the case becomes same in this way. Its also found that those who drink diet cokes they eat more pizza than others. A common advice is never take soft drinks as they don't help in any way. Stumble Upon Toolbar

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High Blood Pressure How to Over come it ?

High blood pressure is also known as Hypertension. There are lots of people who don't know they have hypertension they only know it when it becomes severe. Every year millions of people die because of hypertension.
In 2002 there were 261000 deaths occurred and 49707 was of due to High blood pressure. In America the number of people who have high blood pressure is 65 million which includes age range from  6 years to 65 years. Out of every three American one is having hypertension. 40% of African American has high blood pressure symptoms. Out of 65 million Americans one fourth of them don't know they have hypertension. How do you get hypertension it's not known, but still research is going out that what actually causes hypertension. Heart attack, Palsy ( Paralysis ) are some of symptoms that link to hypertension. Every year millions of dollars are spent to prevent this hypertension, here are few tips if you follow it then you can save your self from hypertension.


In your diet try to lessen the amount of salt in it.


If you like to eat meat and most of your diet has meat in it, and if beef is your main part of diet try to lessen it as much as you can.


Avoid the usage of ghee/ clarified butter, milk cream, butter just don't use it.


Don't get angry all the time try to control your anger.

Be happy what you have

Be happy on your social status, and what you are earning stay happy and calm in it.

Do exercise regularly

By exercise it doesn't means heavy lifting or very hard exercise, doing a walk every day for 30 minute comes in term of exercise.

Use Vegetables

Use Vegetables, fruit and more fish in your diet. Also try to include Radish and it's leaves in your diet. using Garlic is most effective in curing hypertension. Best usage of garlic is that put garlic in milk or yogurt (half cup ) , two to three small pieces should be enough, in the morning when you wake up, grind the garlic pieces and take it with yogurt or milk. In summer yogurt and in winter milk is best. There are lots of patient that have other diseases along with high blood pressure which include indigestion, constipation, mental tension and like if you have one of these along with high blood pressure then there is a great medicine for it.

Take Ginger fresh, Mint leaves fresh ( Pudina in Hindi ), Pomegranate ( Anardana in Hindi)  and Garlic fresh, grind all these together and use it as sauce in your diet don't add any salt, just these four items, eat them along your other diets, it works wonders. According to Sheikh Arias Ibn Sina Mint is useful for heart, garlic and pomegranate are also effective for heart.

If hypertension is not of some serious type than taking diuretic medicine helps to control the hypertension effectively.

In the end don't take hypertension light with the passage of time it becomes strong and doctors call it silent killer. Hope this article on high blood pressure will help you a lot.
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Lemon Benefits

There are lots of benefits of lemon, the color of lemon is yellowish and it's bitter in taste. From nutritional point of view it contains lots of benefits which are given below.

1. If we included lemon in our daily diet, it helps in digestion and provides strength to liver.

2. For those who have obesity, to reduce the fat in body, there is a method that is really effective. When you get up in the morning take a glass of water and squeeze one lemon in the water and drink it daily, this method is so easy to apply and it is really effective in reducing the body fat.

3. There are lots of women which have dark complexion  on hands and feet and face is white. By rubbing lemon on hand and feet it reduces the dark complexion.

4. Every day before going to bed, applying a good cold cream along with some drops of lemon helps make skin tone lighter. 

5. Lots of people complain of having bad breath, putting two lemons in a glass of water and gurgling two times in a day helps cure the bad breath.

6. If you have dark marks on face then before going to bed put some drops of lemon in milk and apply it before sleeping daily it helps to cure the dark spots on face.

7. Lots of women have dark color on their neck to cure it put some lemon in rose water and apply it daily the dark color of neck will be gone.

8. If you have flu, then taking a piece of lemon and smelling it reduces the flu dramatically.

9. If you are vomiting and there is no medicine near by then taking some drops of lemon controls the vomit. 

I hope this article on lemon will help you a lot :).
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apricot Benefits

Apricot is a very delicious fruit. When it is not fully ripe the apricot is bitter in taste but when it start to ripe the taste become sweeter. Being nutritious apricot is famous all over the world. The shape of apricot fruit is circle or oval in shape. Apricot resembles with Peach in shape but is smaller in size. It's color is yellowish and when it's ripened it tastes like peach. Apricot whether it's dry or fresh is used in both forms. It's said that the country of origin of apricot is China. In China apricot is being tree planted for four thousand years. Also it's tree planted in subcontinent for a long time. Valley of Hunza which is in Pakistan, those people are famous for their physical strength and for longevity, and for last fifteen hundred years they have been using apricot in their diets. Apricot was used in medicine in ancient Greece and on the other hand Romans they linked apricot to Goddess of love. Apricot came to Europe in the times of Alexander The Great.

Chemical Composition 

Apricot is rich in Vitamin A and vitamin C, in 155 gram of servings it contains 60% vitamin A and 26% vitamin C, 2% Calcium and 3% Iron. The almond found in apricot contains 40 to 45% oil.

Benefits from Health and Medical point of view

For centuries apricot fruit it's pulp and flower has been used in medicine. In China one famous medicine was prepared from the pulp of it's tree and was famous for longevity. For a long time apricots flower has been used in beauty products of women. The oil found in the tree of apricot resembles with the oil of almond. It's used as anti-convellent, to heal wounds, to kill the germs of stomach.


Apricot is very helpful in constipation. This is due to the presense of pectin and type of cell membrane in it. This cell membrane doesn't digests so it makes the intestine to work more and pectin absorbs water and becomes part of this indigestible cell membrane and makes dejection easy. If you have constipation for a long time and is not recovering than taking 6-8 pieces of apricot daily has great benefit.


If you have indigestion or acidity in stomach then taking a piece before any meal helps to reduce acidity.

Blood deficiency 

If you have less blood or deficiency of blood in body then because apricot contains Iron in it so taking it helps in blood deficiency. If you take apricot daily after every meal then hemoglobin starts to increase.

Skin Diseases 

Using the juice of leaves of apricot is helpful in lots of skin diseases. Using this juice it cures itching, skin burn in sun and torn skin due to winter.

I hope this article will give you more insight about apricot, happy eating. Stumble Upon Toolbar

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Onion A Miracle in Healing

Fact No. 1 of Onion

There are lots of benefits of using onion. Here we will tell you best usage of onion in healing different diseases. When I was little I saw lots of scenario which I couldn't understand. Today I am remembering such type of scenes where I found the benefits of onion. There was a seller who came to our town to sell things, he told us many stories which we liked very much. He always had a turban on his head one day he showed us that he kept onion leaves in the cap, he told us that by putting leaves in the turban helps prevent sun stroke, but when I grew up I did it my self and I found that it really works. So if you are in summer or in a very hot place you can put leaves of onion in the cap, that will protect you from the sunstroke and heat.

Fact No. 2 of Onion Helping in Persistent Flu

Once a patient came to doctor, he had persistent flu from which he was unable to recover the doctor told him to cut 1 kg onion with hands daily for thirty days. He did it just told by the doctor for full thirty days and at 31 day his persistent flu was gone, onion being dry in nature brought all the extra fluid from eyes and nose. If any one of you have persistent flu and can't get it recovered by medicine then please try this method once.

Fact No. 3 of Onion Helping in mouth diseases.

According to research done by Russian scientist onion works as antibiotic medicine. According to this research if a person chews 1 piece of onion daily then he is protected by teeth diseases. Russian doctor B.P.Tohiken who claimed that by chewing an onion for a about three minutes kills all bacteria in mouth. If you have tooth pain then putting one small piece of onion on the tooth help relief the pain.

Fact No. 4 of Onion preventing headaches

If you are getting headaches then applying crushed onion under feet and on knee helps to end the headaches.

Fact No. 5 of Onion preventing baldness

If you are bald or any one wants hair on head, then take the juice of onion mix it with honey and apply to head for some time ( for a month ) hair will start to grow.

Similarly if your beard hair or any part of hair starts falling then apply the same solution but before applying the  particular area rub that area so that it become quiet red then apply it.

Fact No. 6 Preventing blood

If blood comes from nose as with many children then smelling a piece of onion helps prevent the blood coming from nose.

Fact No. 7 Miracle in Heart Diseases

According to seven long year research done by Dr. N. Radha who is principal Tar-Bondom Medical College if some one has irregular blood pressure ( fluctuating blood pressure ) then taking 100 gm of onion daily help to regulate the blood pressure. Onion also helps to prevent building up of blood clots in Heart Diseases and also it lessens cholesterol.

Note: (My English is not that good but I hope it will help you understand )
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Five Most Important Back Pain Facts

A lot of people have lot's of myths about back pain  (of not having back pain ). One of the fact is that 8 out of 10 people do get back pain whether it's very mild pain or like feeling of stab in the back.

Fact No. 1

A lot of people think that if they sit straight in chair they will not get back pain, well for how long can you sit straight ? Even if you sit straight it will hurt your back. Now to prevent this every day when you sit do the following. Try to lean back in chair keeping your feet on floor and give a slight curve in back. One of the most effective work to prevent back pain you should listen phone calls standing and when you study office material try to study them standing.

Fact No. 2

People believe that if you lift heavy weight you get back pain, they are right only when the it becomes how you lift it ? How much you lift doesn't matters ( of course if you lift way too much ) it's how you lift it, the method of lifting if important.

The method is you come close to object keep your back straight and head should be up not bent. Now you stand, lift the object/load by using your legs. Don't bent now when you are lifting, if you bent there is great chance of hurting your back. You can understand this by example, if you are sitting on chair and pencil drops you keep your feet on floor and bent your body to get the pencil, if this is your situation while lifting then don't do this.

Fact No. 3

People believe that if they get back pain and if they take bed rest it will heal, yes it heals but if you stay a day or two in the bed it will make it worse.

Fact No. 4

If you have maintained your self fit, then you can prevent back pain. If you are not in shape and if you do job where you have to sit all day and when weekend comes you go outside doing parties at that time chances of back pain increases because your body is not used to it.

Fact No. 5

If you have back pain and it's not going even after taking medicine than according to "American College of Physicians (ACS) and APS(American Pain Society)" then you should consider acupuncture treatment, yoga, relaxing exercises as these exercises help reduce the pain.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Water Blister and It's remedy

I have seen lot's of people who have water blisters on their feet. Some do feel pain and itching and others don't. Water Blister can occur due to any reason normally if you hike or keep wearing joggers for a long period of time. It can be cured at home easily.

How to cure Water Blister ?

Here is the method to cure Water Blister on feet.

Take apple cider vinegar it must be from original apples. Get some small amount of Mehndi which is used to make Henna tattoos. It's used to decorate body parts in India and Pakistan. Add one table spoon of apple cider vinegar to Mehndi add some little water in it. Apply this solution to where you have water blisters. Repeat for 4 to 5 days it will cure them. Stumble Upon Toolbar

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Melon

Most of the people don't know what Winter Melon is and what health benefits it can give us. GOD has created specific foods for every season, knowing what a food item can do for us brings greater health benefits.

There are different names for Winter Melon like it's also called White gourd, fuzzy melon. When the Winter Melon has not reach to it's full maturity, it's taste is very sweet but when it hits maturity it's really not that sweet though it's melon but tastes different. It was first cultivated in Southeast Asia but after words it's now grown more in East and South.

So what Health Benefits it can give it to us ?

If we have 1 full cup of Winter Melon in it

Winter Melon is rich in Vitamin C which is round to 30% and Zinc which is close to 7% these two vitamin actually help us fight cold or flu. It contains Calcium, Iron, Copper but there percentage is very less almost 2% if you have 1 full cup of it.

Some Useful Facts of Winter Melon

  1. If you are tired and feeling pain in different body parts taking Winter Melon will cure this pain.
  2. If you want to increase your weight by vegetable than include Winter Melon in your diet.
  3. If you have Urine Problems like Urine comes out in pain then Eating Hand full of seeds of Winter Melon reliefs the pain.
  4. If you are woman and you are weak, eating Winter Melon will actually helps you gain weight.
  5. If you are pregnant and you want that your child be very beautiful then take jam of Winter Melon.
  6. If you are weak mentally, that is you can't concentrate on work or during study etc then take Winter Melon.
  7. If your lips are torn in winter then grind the seeds and apply to your lips when going to bed, torn lips will heal. 
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